Caravan Hound

By Arthur

A rare breed of Asiatic sighthound, employed to hunt both large and small game, including hare, monitor lizard and barking deer.

This is a dog from the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka in central India, and is little known elsewhere. The local villagers have used these dogs for hunting since early times. It is thought that the ancestors of these hounds arrived on sailing ships from the Middle East centuries ago, landing at Karwar on the coast of Karnataka, just south of Goa, and spreading inland from there to the border with Maharashtra, where the landscape suited sight-hunting.

The elegant, racy, smooth-coated Caravan Hound resembles the Sloughi and the Azawakh, having the long body shape of the former and the graceful movement of the latter. A strong, fast dog, its gait is described as `springy and flashy’. In personality it is said to be haughty, noble, brave, protective and reserved with strangers.

Its coat colour varies from light sandy, to fawn, to red sandy, often with patches of white or black. Its height is 28-30 in (71-76 cm). Today it has become the most popular indigenous breed at Indian dog shows.

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