Old Bosnian Sighthound

By Arthur

The Old Bosnian Sigbtbound and the Old Croatian Sigbtbound are one and the same. In Croatia it is known locally as the Starobrvatski Hrt (pronounced star-o-ber-vat-ski ber-tee). It is closely related to the Bosnian Rough-haired Hound, wbicb is a large wire-haired bunting dog developed to chase bare, fix and even wild boar over rough and difficult terrain.

According to recent reports from that war-torn region, this ancient breed from the Balkans is on the verge of extinction, if it has not already disappeared completely. One estimate puts the present world population at between 10 and 20 individuals.

The breed is between 1,200 and 1,300 years old, as we know from the writings of early friars, and has remained largely unchanged over the centuries, with only an occasional injection of greyhound blood to freshen the line. Despite this, it has never been officially recognized or given a written set of breed standards. Recent efforts to promote it, preserve it, increase its numbers or improve the breed have failed through lack of interest. The last attempt to present it in public took place in 1993.

This sighthound, used for chasing all forms of local game, is similar in weight and appearance to the North Indian Rampur Hound in other words, it is another ‘overgrown’ greyhound of powerful build. It is exclusively black-and-white in colour.

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