Prince Charles Spaniel

By Arthur

This breed, which is no longer recognized, was also known as the Tricolour Spaniel, because its coat pattern was black, white and tan.

The Prince Charles was one of the later forms of English Toy Spaniel, created in the Victorian period. One of them can be seen in a painting by Landseer (called The Cavalier’s Pets) in 1845. It first appeared in the Kennel Club’s stud book in 1892.

This was the most attractive form of the various Toy Spaniels, with a white coat carrying large patches of black on both head and body, and with tan markings on the cheeks, over the eyes, on the insides of the ears, on the insides of the legs and on the underside of the tail. It was obtained by carefully planned crossings between the other Toy Spaniels, probably taking the black-and-tan from the King Charles and the White from the Blenheim.

In 1923 any tricolour individuals that still existed were officially reduced to a mere colour form of the King Charles Spaniel.

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