Ruby Spaniel

By Arthur

The Ruby Spaniel is no longer recognized as a breed, but has been treated as one in the past.

This is the solid red form of the English Toy Spaniel, created in the 1880s by crossing the Blenheim with the King Charles. Prior to the 1880s, all-red puppies were destroyed as unwanted, but then it was decided to make a special breed of them.

The coat of the Ruby, ideally in a rich, deep red with no lighter patches, was not as long as that of its close relatives. The ears were often too short and the body too long, and few of the Rubies were said to be free of these faults, which is probably why it failed to develop as a separate breed and was eventually abandoned. It is given a separate section in dog books published as late as 1910, but then appears to have been swept away by the chaos of World War I.

In 1923 any solid red individuals that existed were officially reduced to a mere colour form of the King Charles Spaniel.

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