South Russian Steppe Hound

By Arthur

Sometimes called the Steppe Borzoi, or South Russian Greyhound, this breed is known locally as the Ahk-Taz-eet, which translates as ‘white Tasy dog‘. It is used to course wolf, fox, hare and small deer.

This hound came into being following the Russian Revolution of 1917. After that upheaval, with its widespread destruction of the aristocratic hunting kennels, the noble Russian Greyhounds, or Chortai, were often abandoned to fend for themselves. They crossed with local dogs and the result was a slightly modified, new breed which was given the name of the South Russian Steppe Hound.

It is most common in the region of the Russian Caucasus Mountains, the Volga and the Don River, where it is kept for hunting by the Kirghiz tribes. It is renowned for its high speeds. In colour, it is white or cream, ideally without any darker markings.

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