Spanish Greyhound

By Arthur

Also known as the Galgo Espagnol or the Seoviano, this breed was originally used to bunt small game, but is today more likely to be encountered in the Spanish show-ring In France it is the Ievrier Espagnol, in Germany the Spanischer Windbund.

The Spanish Greyhound is slightly smaller and lighter in build than its English counterpart. A shy, rather aloof dog, it is descended from Egyptian dogs brought to the Iberian peninsula by Phoenicians in the first millennium BC.

Some centuries after it first became established in ancient Spain, it is thought to have been modified by the introduction of the Sloughi, a breed brought from North Africa during the Moorish invasion of southern Spain. It is found today mostly in the regions of southern and central Spain, especially Castile and Andalusia.

According to Spanish experts, this breed is ancestral to the English Greyhound. They claim that it was exported in large numbers to other countries, like Ireland and England, during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.


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