Toy Rat Terrier

By Arthur

This breed was speccally created as a companion dog and was too small to undertake serious farm or hunting work.
The ancestor of this breed was the American Rat Terrier, an efficient, small vermin- destroyer, imported from England in the 19th century, which was an active working dog on many North American farms. At some porn’ t it was crossed with the even smaller Toy Manchester and the minute Chihuahua, to create a miniature version known as the Toy Rat Terrier.
The average weight of the standard Rat Terrier is 35 lb (16 kg), while that of the Toy version is only 4-7 lb (2-3 kg). Despite its small size, the little Toy is tough and sturdy and is capable of fearlessly nipping an intruder, if it feels threatened.


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